Paisley turned three months old on Saturday.  We’re amazed at how fast she’s growing and learning.  She has such a personality and just starting to laugh, which is a lot of fun.

There are, of course, the challenging moments.  I’ve been pooped on, marked with spit up, experienced total meltdowns when she’s had enough of being out on errands.  This is only temporary, I tell myself.  It’ll only last a short while.

The problem with that statement is that it goes both ways, and I find myself saying it when things are good, which is most of the time.  Quietly nursing in the early morning hours; her smiling at everything and nothing; wanting to “fly” all around the house; the sweet baby noises she makes when she’s happy; getting to snuggle her anytime I want; watching her try to figure out her hands.  Tiny baby sneezes and yawns!  It’s only temporary.

I am trapped in bed with a growing baby who wants to do nothing but eat.  It’s only temporary.  But I get to spend the day with her and all she wants is me, her mommy.  It’s only temporary.

So many wonderful people in my life remind me to enjoy these moments.  I assure you–I am.

Just sharing a few photos since the last blog post…

As far as an update on our family, we’re pretty busy.  Eddie is working a ton and I’m back to classes after a year-long hiatus.  The weather is just now cooling to a reasonable temperature here in Arizona and we’re really excited about the first round of holidays with Pais.

Yesterday was International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.  We lit a candle for Benjamin; the candle smells like toasted marshmallow, which is what he smelled like to me when he was born.