You know how I said I’m perpetually tired these days?  That would explain why I forgot to include two things I’d been thinking of all week in yesterday’s blog post.

1. Mother & Child are Linked at the Cellular Level 
I’m part of a mom group where this blog post was shared a few days ago.  The post is relatively short so there isn’t much to summarize, but the general idea is that the cells of a child a woman carries cross the placenta and remain in the mother’s bloodstream long after they’re gone from the womb.  There’s even evidence that those cells sometimes “treat” some illnesses in the mother.  And as if it wasn’t comforting enough to know that Benjamin is still with me in this way, it’s also possible that his cells have even transferred to Paisley.  So he is with her, too.

2. Playing with an Angel
Paisley giggles in her sleep.  No joke.  It’s not a belly laugh, but she smiles and chuckles at the same time when she’s in that place between awake and asleep.  She makes a TON of cute noises in her sleep and this is one of them; Eddie and I always wonder what she could possibly be dreaming about.

I’ve asked Dr. Google if many things are normal in a newborn these last few weeks, but this was an interesting one.  Many claim it’s just gas, and it probably is, but some think that when a baby giggles in their sleep, it means they are playing with an angel.  I hope she’s getting to know her big brother.