Seems like Paisley decided she wasn’t quite ready after all, as progress has come to a complete standstill.  There was one bout of false labor that really had us excited – painful contractions every seven, six, five, four, then three minutes.  But then the contractions slowed back down and no progress was made (still at 5cm).  So we were sent back home.  Then we thought the 4th of July would be a pretty great birthday to have, but she didn’t think so.

We are a bit worried that when things get moving, it will go pretty fast – and an unintentional unassisted homebirth is not something we’re interested in doing.  Even less interested in delivering in the car during rush hour.  So my doctor has scheduled the induction for Thursday, July 12th.  If she decides to come sooner than that – great.  If not, at least there is an end date.

Until then, our bags are packed and stationed by the front door.  Almost time.

“This suspense is terrible.  I hope it will last.” – Oscar Wilde