Another quick update:

The baby shower was last Saturday and we had such a great time.  Once again, we have been humbled by the love and support shown by the people in our lives.  Our house was bursting at the seams with happiness.  Thank you to everyone who could be there – Paisley is so loved and celebrated already!

Just sharing a few pictures:

The amazing cake, made by Eddie!

Beautiful diaper cake, made by Brandi – Paisley’s godmother!

Owl jar party favors, made by me. They were filled with various types of M&Ms and nuts.

Quite possibly the most delicious lemonade ever. 1 46 oz can of pineapple juice, 1 cup of Countrytime lemonade mix, 2 cups of water, 2 cans of Sprite. It was a hit.

My best friend, Kimberly – the shower thrower. This is probably the longest she stood still all afternoon.

Paisley’s Uncle Rick, shaking hands with Eddie a.k.a. Captain America

Alan and Brandi – Paisley’s godparents – with their son.

Paisley’s clothing haul. Between this and what we already have, she won’t have to wear the same outfit twice – maybe not even the same outfit all day.

Next post will probably be pictures of her nursery.  It’s almost finished – just need to put up a few small shelves and it will be done!  I hope it’ll be pictures of the nursery, at least.  Based on yesterday’s check up, it won’t be much longer before we meet the little one.  I’ll be 36 weeks on Thursday, so we’d like to squeeze another week or two in.  I’ve been ordered to take it easy until the end!