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The CVS didn’t work, many thanks to the position of my placenta and the angle at which they have to do it.  It was a painful and exhausting process and we have nothing to show for it.  That’s frustrating.

Okay, I take that back; we do have something beautiful to show:

I must say, that is one adorable baby.  And I’m even more convinced that the flutters I’ve been having are the baby.  That little girl/guy can jump – with force.

They want us to come back next week and try again, and I’m pretty sure we’re going to.  My uterus may grow enough to shift the position of the placenta, which will give them a better chance of getting what they need…but it  may not.  If it doesn’t we have to wait until 16 weeks to do the amniocentesis – which means waiting until 18 weeks for results.  That’s a long wait.

Fortunately, we’ve learned a lot of patience these last few months.  But it’s still frustrating.  And a very small part of me wants to just call off all testing and say, “Whatever will be, will be.”  But that comes with its own set of potential consequences – ones we’ve already seen firsthand.

One tiny complaint, if I may:  I am tired of having to make big decisions.  It’s so exhausting that most of the time, I can’t even decide what I want for dinner anymore.  Although that may have something to do with the stress, which makes my appetite disappear.  Unfortunately, the stress just got a little bit more intense.

So thanks for checking in for an update.  There it is.  The next one should be 1/12 – after the next attempt at the CVS.