You guys are not going to believe this.

We are pregnant.

I am looking at five positive pregnancy tests.  It’s very early, as I tested a week ago and it was negative at that time.  We are terrified, hopeful, and in complete disbelief.  It took us three years to have Benjamin, and now I am pregnant again before even having my first postpartum period?  Are you kidding me?  I had a feeling I was either pregnant or getting ready for that first postpartum period.  I was very tired, my appetite picked up, and had that all-too-familiar case of morning sickness for three days.

I think Eddie knew, too.  He was waiting outside the bathroom door and I almost tripped over him as I ran out to tell him.

In no way are we assuming we’ll be having a baby in June.  We’re far too jaded for that.  There are a lot of factors here.  We could miscarry; we could get bad results on the CVS.  Based on timing, we’ll probably end up getting those results on or around Eddie’s birthday – January 5th.

No matter which way this goes, this baby will have an angel as a big brother.  Whether this baby goes to be with him or stays here with us, what a lucky little soul.  This is another miracle, another lesson from Benjamin.  This wouldn’t be happening if he hadn’t been here.

Please keep us in your thoughts.  If you pray, please pray.  If you have lucky socks, wear them until they stand up on their own.

Just breathe.  Just breathe.  Just breathe.