Just posting a general update that nothing is happening yet.  We are still waiting for Benjamin to decide it’s time.  It’s bittersweet – the wait is excruciating but the sooner his life begins, the sooner it will end.  I’m happy to be feeling his kicks and stretches in the meantime.

Today was an especially difficult day.  I don’t know what made it any different than yesterday or the day before, but it was just difficult – for both of us.

We did receive some good news about sleeping arrangements while we wait.  On Monday, if we haven’t delivered yet, we will be moving to a hotel within walking distance of the hospital, and the cost will be 100% covered by a special fund reserved for patients who don’t qualify for the Ronald McDonald House.  We don’t, as we are not actively receiving care yet.

I’ve also started the process with the Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep program.  Thanks to all who have suggested it.

Thank you for the continued thoughts and prayers.