My darling Benjamin.  You have such a unique sense of humor…just like your father.

Three things happened yesterday that landed us in the SDU for a few hours last night, but I’ll spare everyone the details of one of those things.  The other two:  Absolutely NO movement, for hours, even after trying two glasses of orange juice and other things that usually get him moving.  Then we’re on our way to CHOP and he moves, but it’s followed by pain that begins at the bottom of my uterus and shoots all the way around to the top.  So we still went.

Benjamin got monitored, my uterus got monitored, and I got…checked out.  Everything was, of course, normal.  And I just look like a crazy lady.

HOWEVER.  Tomorrow, we’re 37 weeks – so going into labor just before Labor Day wouldn’t have been the worst thing in the world; in fact, it would have provided comic relief.  But alas, he was not ready – and neither am I.

I wonder if, considering the CDH, my desire to keep him safe in the womb is making the final weeks of pregnancy fly by when they drag on for most.  I don’t know if I’m happy about that.  I just want everything to…slow…down.

What I am happy about (!!!):  We were able to get the preliminary results of the amniocentesis.  The FISH test only covers the gender (which we know already) and trisomies 13 (Patau), 18 (Edwards), and 21 (Down).  The results were normal!  SO we should be cleared of at least those three.  It doesn’t mean the full karyotype will be clean, but this is good news while we wait for the rest of the results. 

This week we have appointments at CHOP on Tuesday and Friday.  We should get the full amnio results in the next day or two and it would make my life if that came back normal as well.  No more complications would be a very nice thing right now.